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Vikash Banjara wrote:
> Hello devs,
> I have submitted my proposal for GSoC 2010 project - RESTful API for
> Mapbender at http://socghop.appspot.com under the Organization OSGeo.
> Please  go through the proposal and suggest me changes. I still have time
> till 9th April 2010 to edit the proposal. I will be really grateful to you
> people for reviewing the application.
> Anticipating response,
> Regards
> Vikash

thank you for submitting the proposal. Before submitting my comments to
the GSoC site please consider the following details:

I have a question and suggestion wrt the work plan. Why do you want to
first implement the client side request of the API and then the server

We should also clean out terminology, what is the client side and what
is the server side, what is the back end. We could add this as a work
package to the first three week design period.

After GSoC starts - First three weeks -

... "Update the Glossary of the project to describe the use of the terms
"client", "server", "back end", "application", etc. in the context of
the project"


After first three weeks to Mid-term -

... "We will use a test driven development method and follow the Scrum
process with daily scrums (as the availability of mentor and student
will allow).

Please consider answering for this question:

"How does your SoC task benefit the OSGeo member project, and more
generally the OSGeo Foundation as a whole?"

"The REST-API project will make it easier to integrate Mapbender with
other projects. It will also allow machine access to the management back
end data and improve the use of the project as centralized management
back end for spatial data infrastructures. This will further improve the
USP of the project."


"Please provide details of previous GIS experience"

I suggest you say: "None". This will not be a problem for us (as you
already say further down). The project and tasks involved do not require
you to have up front knowledge of GIS.


I will talk over the proposal with Christoph but as far as I am
concerned this is already a good proposal. I am happy with it.

Best regards,

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Arnulf Christl

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