[Mapbender-dev] Testing

Karim Malhas karim at malhas.de
Mon Feb 8 12:54:44 EST 2010

Dear *,

In the IRC meeting we noticed that we have no plan for testing.
Not even a definition what testing is, so I went to the wiki to see what
we have.

But appart from 

 "There is no unit testing in Mapbender. This will change in the near

I didn't find anything interesting, so I thought I'd write something up

1 Automated Tests

1.1 Unit Tests for PHP
1.2 Unit Tests for Javascript

  These are kind of obvious. They're a little hard to do, because they
  require witing tests, which is difficult when the Codebase already
  exists and has varying states of Quality/Coding conventions
  The goal here would be to get to a point where there are few to none
  (preferably none) global variables in a collection of classes that
  have a well defined interface. Some can already be used this way
  some others can't.

1.3 Unit Tests for GUIs 
  Maybe we can come up with a way to test GUIs automaticaly after

1.4 Services 
    Should we test if the services are operational and working as
    expected? How?

1.5 Installation 
    This could be automated in a VM.

2. Manual Tests

2.1 Test GUIs
  Is this really the only manual test we have?
  We could create checklists of how to test a GUI

  1. Log in [ ]
  2. Open Gui [ ]
  3. perform operation X [ ]
  Z. log out

  These checklists could be the basis of an automated test. Because
  really, we would like to do as little as possible manually.

I am just floating ideas here, if someone as comments, please add them.


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