[Mapbender-dev] RE: [Mapbender-users] gazetteerWFS requests non-existing field

Tilo Wütherich tilo.wuetherich at la-bw.de
Fri Feb 26 03:49:08 EST 2010

Hallo Christoph,

da noch niemand auf meine Mail in der user-list geantwortet hat, habe ich
mal selbst nachgesehen:

> I have a strange behaviour with gazetteerWFS. I configured 
> two WFS, one runs
> well with the gazetteer, the other does not. If I look for 
> the GET-request in firebug, I see this:
> filter:
> <ogc:Filter><ogc:PropertyIsEqualTo><ogc:PropertyName>wzis:250n
> There is no property (field in the database...) "250name", it 
> should be
> "name". Where does this information come from? I could not find this
> text-snippet anywhere on my server, not in the 
> capabilities-docs, nor in
> Mapbenders database. Could it be an artifact of the 
> php-scripts? The layer
> is named "wzis:view_gn250". Importing and configuring of a 
> new WFS didn't help.

Wenn ich in mod_wfs_gazetteer_client.php

Z 742			var pattern = /:[a-zA-Z_]+/;

ersetze durch

Z 742			var pattern = /:[a-zA-Z0-9_]+/;

habe ich mein Problem nicht mehr - wie findest Du das? ;-)

Viele Grüße,


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