[Mapbender-dev] Applications in Mapbender 2.7

Astrid Emde astrid.emde at wheregroup.com
Tue Jan 26 08:48:40 EST 2010

Hello devs,

Verena Diewald schrieb:
> Christoph Baudson (Wheregroup) schrieb:
>> We should think about which applications will be shipped with 
>> Mapbender 2.7. Here are my suggestions, please feel free to comment, 
>> I would like to know your opinions.
>> First of all, i would like to deprecate gui2, as it was initially 
>> intended to be a visually attractive application, but it never lived 
>> up to that. I see no additional value in gui2.
we should move functionality that is not part in other guis to gui1 
>> We should get the applications gui, gui1, gui_digitize 
>> Themeroller-ready before releasing 2.7.  We should also remove 
>> redundant modules from these applications to make them stand out a 
>> little more (like removing all non-WFS stuff from gui_digitize).

>> Ideally, someone would check the WMS containers and update them.
we could take the monitor-Skript to do this
>> I would like to have the following new applications
>> * A very basic application with just a map (when creating your own 
>> app, you could build on top of this)
>> * An application containing jQuery UI modules, like the demo at 
>> telascience (could replace "gui" in the long run)
>> * An OpenLayers application, like the demo at telascience
>> * A new admin interface, like the one kmq built in GSoC 09. Should be 
>> functional, but possibly with few features. Would be perfect if it 
>> covered the most used dialogs (like load wms, edit gui wms, edit gui 
>> elements) and you could actually work with it.
Maybe it makes sense to offer two admin :
1. one for beginners
2. one for extended user (Mapbender-admins)

The second group (administrators) want to configure WMS, WFS and USER 
and GROUPs) so they need an admin application that provides all the 

>> * A new interface where you can add yourself to the Mapbender user 
>> map (The old app at mapbender.org should be replaced by this one).
>> * An application with an OpenStreetMap-WMS, new print module, and a 
>> MeetingPoint module that returns a permalink and optionally twitters 
>> your meeting point text as a geotagged tweet (spsneo and I are 
>> working on this module).
>> These new applications should not have a lot of overlapping 
>> functionality, they should be very tiny. Mapbender is a tool for 
>> building applications, so we should show that it's easy to create 
>> apps that have a distinct look, and are not just minor variations of 
>> gui.
>> The new apps could also serve as demos, maybe for mapbender.org. The 
>> advantage would be that these demos would be maintained if they were 
>> included in the release. If we no longer wanted a demo, we would just 
>> remove it in a future release.
good idea
>> Creating these apps could be a goal for the next dev sprint. This 
>> process could give users and devs an opportunity for dialogue, which 
>> could improve Mapbender in general.
+1 yes - good idea.
>> Christoph
> Hi Christoph,
> +1 for your ideas.
> Seems to be a very good goal for the dev sprint.
> Greetings
> Verena
Christoph - thanks for the discussion on the applications. It is a good 
topic for the developer sprint.

Best regards

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