[Mapbender-dev] Applications in Mapbender 2.7

Christoph Baudson (Wheregroup) christoph.baudson at wheregroup.com
Fri Jan 29 10:40:32 EST 2010

There is a new application in trunk. In fact it's only a container and 
not an application. It contains all jQuery related plugins, like the 
individual UI components, datatables, themeroller, growl etc.

I wanted to compile these as they only existed in experimental 
applications or projects, and I wanted to avoid undesired forks. I think 
it's good to have the collection in trunk as a repository.

Furthermore I think this will make it easier to customize your own 
application. You no longer need to know whether an element is in gui1 or 
gui2, but you know that jQuery plugins are in the "toolbox_jquery" 

Furthermore, this makes it easy to reload the defaults from this 
container into your own apps. You would never use the toolbox as your 
own app, as it is non-functional. gui or gui1 are supposed to be 
templates too, but people tend to experiment in these templates instead 
of creating new applications. Maybe this goes in the direction of 
"sustainability by design"

Have a nice weekend,


Christoph Baudson (Wheregroup) schrieb:
> We should think about which applications will be shipped with 
> Mapbender 2.7. Here are my suggestions, please feel free to comment, I 
> would like to know your opinions.
> First of all, i would like to deprecate gui2, as it was initially 
> intended to be a visually attractive application, but it never lived 
> up to that. I see no additional value in gui2.
> We should get the applications gui, gui1, gui_digitize 
> Themeroller-ready before releasing 2.7.  We should also remove 
> redundant modules from these applications to make them stand out a 
> little more (like removing all non-WFS stuff from gui_digitize).
> Ideally, someone would check the WMS containers and update them.
> I would like to have the following new applications
> * A very basic application with just a map (when creating your own 
> app, you could build on top of this)
> * An application containing jQuery UI modules, like the demo at 
> telascience (could replace "gui" in the long run)
> * An OpenLayers application, like the demo at telascience
> * A new admin interface, like the one kmq built in GSoC 09. Should be 
> functional, but possibly with few features. Would be perfect if it 
> covered the most used dialogs (like load wms, edit gui wms, edit gui 
> elements) and you could actually work with it.
> * A new interface where you can add yourself to the Mapbender user map 
> (The old app at mapbender.org should be replaced by this one).
> * An application with an OpenStreetMap-WMS, new print module, and a 
> MeetingPoint module that returns a permalink and optionally twitters 
> your meeting point text as a geotagged tweet (spsneo and I are working 
> on this module).
> These new applications should not have a lot of overlapping 
> functionality, they should be very tiny. Mapbender is a tool for 
> building applications, so we should show that it's easy to create apps 
> that have a distinct look, and are not just minor variations of gui.
> The new apps could also serve as demos, maybe for mapbender.org. The 
> advantage would be that these demos would be maintained if they were 
> included in the release. If we no longer wanted a demo, we would just 
> remove it in a future release.
> Creating these apps could be a goal for the next dev sprint. This 
> process could give users and devs an opportunity for dialogue, which 
> could improve Mapbender in general.
> Christoph


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