[Mapbender_dev] More demos... and what to do about our default WMS?

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Lars Lingner wrote:
> On 04.06.2010 10:45, Seven (aka Arnulf) wrote:
> [...]
>> There was some discussion on this topic recently on the OSGeo Discuss
>> list with Jochen Topf asking which WMS to use. But I think there was no
>> "final" outcome. Ideally OSGeo would provide a simple but
>> high-availability service with simple standard data. We could start this
>> topic with a request to the Public Geospatial Data Committee (without
>> knowing whether it will ever get anywhere).
>> Do you have other ideas?
> Based on the idea of Jochen, there is a simple WMS on the FOSSGIS
> server. You can find Infos on this page: http://demowms.fossgis.de/
> This WMS ist very simple but we hope it will be a reliable one. If there
> is a need for a more advanced service, we can set up one.
> There is one condition: The service shouldn't slow down the server. But
> that is manageable.
> If you are interested in using this WMS or have further questions let me
> know.
> Lars

thanks, this is pretty much what I was looking for. Very nice.

I noticed that the layer "message" is defaulted [1], it shows whether
you add it to LAYERS= or not. Maybe it could be removed or at least made
optional, it is not so nice to have it there all the time. Another idea
would be to add a colored background so that you also see something when
you request for strange coordinates. Ideally with a pattern saying "out
of bounds" when you leave this planet. This would help all those people
who add a badly configured GK3 WMS to a WGS84 and end up 3 million km to
the east of this planet...

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