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Seven (aka Arnulf) seven at arnulf.us
Fri May 14 08:03:24 EDT 2010

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I stumbled around our demo and portal server to check what the status
is. It is pretty messy. We shoud consider cleaning up a bit. This is a
short list of what I noticed:

* I cannot log in using my OSGeo account (but I can with a local account)
* It is unclear to me how the permissions in postgres are managed?!
* It is unclear to me how apache, aliases, security, etc. are managed
* MB config files are readable by browsing directories.
* versioning is unclear to me

There is quite a hidden potential in that server. In the database
mapbender_2.6_branch we have 88 users. More than half have added their
Email address which could be interpreted as showing some interest and
trusting in our privacy (which is defined nowhere as yet). If we
estimate 10% of those with real interest we are still left with 5 or 6
people. Every time we "throw away" the database of an older version
instead of udpating it we lose those people. Instead we could issue a
short newsletter every time the verison is updated. People could then
maintain their own appilcation, services (there is the REST API lurking
in the background), etc.

I would like to revive the administration team by scheduling a meeting.
Any preferences? If not I suggest we meet on IRC before the Monday
meeting to chat a bit.

Best regards,

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Arnulf Christl

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