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Christoph Baudson christoph at baudson.de
Tue May 18 05:09:55 EDT 2010

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Thanks for bringing this us.

you can easily load only the components you need. There are tools like


on the one hand, but Mapbender would do the build itself. You would have
an Openlayers core module, and load everything else you need in
application elements. It would be like a custom build.

I think you can get Openlayers at roughly 100K this way.


Seven (aka Arnulf) wrote:
> Folks,
> pertinent to the discussion yesterday about where the project is going
> Christoph again proposed to go for OpenLayers as the (only) viewing
> component to reduce the scope of development. One argument that I always
> bring up against this is that OpenLayers is way too fat. It invariably
> crams several 100k through the pipe and into the browser while all that
> is needed in many cases are just a few 10k. With 2.9 this has not become
> any better. Today I found this blog [1] that describes hwo to reduce the
> size of OpenLayers from a user perspective. If we go for OpenLayers
> could we work backwards by starting with as little OL code as possible
> and increasing as we add functionality? Then we could always trade off
> functionality for weight and balance both as best required by the
> corresponding project.
> Best regards,
> Arnulf.
> [1] http://linfiniti.com/2010/05/slimming-down-openlayers/
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