[Mapbender_dev] Re: [Mapbender-dev] Slimming down OpenLayers

Thomas Baschetti info at thomas-baschetti.de
Tue May 18 08:24:23 EDT 2010

So what does this mean?
Do we loose functionality when focusing on openlayers (only)? Shall we do
this for 3.0 or in a subsequent release? What needs to be done?
Personally i really like the idea of just taking openlayers as the
and i don't care about some more k of code which have to be pushed
through the lines,
but of course there may be other opinions....


On 18.05.2010 11:09, Christoph Baudson wrote:
> Thanks for bringing this us.
> you can easily load only the components you need. There are tools like
> http://openlayerer.appspot.com/
> on the one hand, but Mapbender would do the build itself. You would have
> an Openlayers core module, and load everything else you need in
> application elements. It would be like a custom build.
> I think you can get Openlayers at roughly 100K this way.
> Christoph
> Seven (aka Arnulf) wrote:
> > Folks,
> > pertinent to the discussion yesterday about where the project is going
> > Christoph again proposed to go for OpenLayers as the (only) viewing
> > component to reduce the scope of development. One argument that I always
> > bring up against this is that OpenLayers is way too fat. It invariably
> > crams several 100k through the pipe and into the browser while all that
> > is needed in many cases are just a few 10k. With 2.9 this has not become
> > any better. Today I found this blog [1] that describes hwo to reduce the
> > size of OpenLayers from a user perspective. If we go for OpenLayers
> > could we work backwards by starting with as little OL code as possible
> > and increasing as we add functionality? Then we could always trade off
> > functionality for weight and balance both as best required by the
> > corresponding project.
> > Best regards,
> > Arnulf.
> > [1] http://linfiniti.com/2010/05/slimming-down-openlayers/


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