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Christoph Baudson (Wheregroup) wrote:
> Seven (aka Arnulf) wrote:
> Folks,
> the ticket for our new presences server has mutated into something else.
> It is a place to operate a continuous metatadata service using OSGeo
> software, initially mainly Mapbender. I guess this could become our
> reference and portal server, what do you think?
>> If the performance is better than on Telascience and it has an OS we are
>> familiar with, +1
>> Would this be mapbender.osgeo.org?

That is part of the question. If we want to use this as a reference
server instead of the telascience instance, then yes we would keep it
this way. We can continue to have sandboxes and older versions running
on telascience but I would really like to have a stable machine on
Debain for us to use. Including backup options and so on...

Maybe we can have more feedback from other folks too, especially the
registered admins [1] (I actually *expect* all admins to answer to this
mail... :-).


[1] http://www.mapbender.org/Category:Administrators

>> Christoph
> If yes all that we would need to commit to is the administration and
> maintenance of that machine as our reference server.
> Please speak up because I want to answer the ticket to prevent it from
> falling asleep again.
> Best regards,
> Arnulf.
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> Comment (by wildintellect):
>  It seems a more appropriate place for this might be on the webextra VM
>  which already exists or on a to be created Projects VM. Is this ticket
>  still connected to mapbender in any way?

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