[Mapbender_dev] [Fwd: [SAC] Re: [OSGeo] #568: VM on osgeo4 for Metadata Repository]

Thomas Baschetti info at thomas-baschetti.de
Thu May 27 12:18:56 EDT 2010

On 27.05.2010 17:46, Seven (aka Arnulf) wrote:
> [..stuff about servers, VMs and more...]
> Maybe we can have more feedback from other folks too, especially the
> registered admins [1] (I actually *expect* all admins to answer to this
> mail... :-).
i admit i understood the words but didn't catch the meaning of this all,
so feedback is difficult.
As i understand we have the chance to get a faster, more stable VM for
Mapbender with an underlying Debian-base OS instead of the slow
Telascience-VM, right? Then just go for it, we need a good represantation
for mapbender.
If help is needed in regular administration please give some details,
i can help. Depends on what to do and how much time is needed.



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