[Mapbender_dev] digitize modul: split functionality?

Thomas Baschetti info at thomas-baschetti.de
Mon Sep 27 02:36:20 EDT 2010


in a project i'm using the digitize-modul to do some
client-side digitizing, which works really good.
Now i want to select and edit some existing geometries, but without
saving them back. Something like:
- select an existing area via click
- perform some action on this area (change geometry)
- use this area to select other features (e.g. residents in a district)

my problem:
- Mapbender wants an transactional WFS to do this (select via wfs)
- i can set nonTransactionalEditable=true to select other wfs, but these
  are (of course) handled as editable, with the buttons enabled
- i only want client-side editing, with no buttons to write changes back (which would fail)

Is this possible with the existing sourcecode, am i missing something?
If not, perhaps we should seperate the funcionalities in the next mapbender-version
into strictly client-side work (digitize) and server-side (saving, updating).


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