[Mapbender-dev] Mapbender Chair Elections

Marc Manns marcmanns at gmx.de
Mon Mar 4 08:46:14 PST 2013

Hello devs and Psc,

my vote goes 4 Christian too +1 .(If he wants to.)
I'm not that active to the Mapbender development at the moment, and doesn't have another nomination. 
Hope that will be change in the Future.
And by the way: thanks to Karim 4 all the work as Mapbender Chair during the last few years.

Regards Marc

Thomas Baschetti <info at thomas-baschetti.de> schrieb:


if Christian ist willing to be chair
(we don't have any other nomination anyway, and Christian seems to be the right person)

Am 04.03.2013 09:27, schrieb Olaf Knopp (WhereGroup):

Hi Folks,

so, let's start the procedure!

I nominate Christian Wygoda as new chair an i vote +1 vor Christian.


Am 23.02.13 10:45, schrieb Karim Malhas:

Dear Mapbender_dev, The Rules[0] governing the position of the Mapbender Chair specify that elections should be held every 12 month. Since I was elected in 2010, I am way over my term limit. To recitfy this situation I am calling a fresh election to be held Monday,March 4th 2013 from 0800h - 2000h UTC+1. The nominaton period starts today, and ends Sunday, March 3rd 2000h UTC+1, so please start sending in votes. Anyone may send nominations, but only PSC members will be able to cast a vote. I will not be available for re-election Kind Regards, Karim Malhas [0] http://mapbender.org/Project_chair_voting_process 

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