[Mapbender-dev] Mapbender3 hotfix release

Christian Wygoda christian.wygoda at wheregroup.com
Thu Mar 20 05:06:11 PDT 2014

Dear Mapbender Users, dear Devs, 

Today we released a hotfix version for Mapbender3 - v3.0.3.1. This was
neccessary as the introduced WMS GetCapabilities validation proved to be
a minefield when done using PHP's builtin features making a lot of WMS
services unusable.

We therefore decided to return to the earlier loading mechanism until a
more robust validation has been implemented.

While being at it we also included a missing stylesheet for the WMC
editor element.

Getting the code 
The official tarball is located over at [1], while source code is hosted
at Github [2]. For issues, please use the Github issue queue [3]. 

The documentation is hosted at [4].

[1] http://mapbender3.org/builds/
[2] https://github.com/mapbender/mapbender-starter
[3] Feature and Bugtracker https://github.com/mapbender/mapbender/issues
[4] http://doc.mapbender3.org/

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