[Mapbender-dev] big interest in Mapbender3 on AGIT 2015 this week - many

Astrid Emde astrid.emde at wheregroup.com
Fri Jul 10 11:57:48 PDT 2015

Hello Mapbender Community,

we had a great AGIT 2015 Conference in Salzburg this week.

I was impressed how many people were interested in Mapbender3. They had 
a look at the booth or came to the prentation of Mapbender3. The goal of 
Mapbender to set up applications without writing code is very attractive 
for many user.

Today was a Mapbender3 workshop in the afternoon (friday afternoon!) 
were more than 30 people attended.
The audiance was mixed:
* Mapbender2 user who want to move to Mapbender3
* people who are searching for a WebGIS Client
* developer, who think about joining the team

It was a great workshop (thanks to Martin for assisting me). We worked 
with OSGeo-Live 8.5 with Mapbender3 version I also talked about 
the new features in and people were impressed by the new 
digitize module. Lot of questions were asked.

Hope you all enjoy the new version Mapbender3

Thanks to the Mapbender3 team for the great work.


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