[Mapbender-dev] next step: let's vote new PSC members for the Mapbender project

Jeff McKenna jmckenna at gatewaygeomatics.com
Mon Apr 3 08:07:36 PDT 2017

Hi Astrid,

Great to see the visible activity by the PSC.  In terms of feedback, be 
sure to make sure that the PSC is made up of many different 
organizations (for example, there shouldn't be one company 
overwhelmingly represented on the PSC).  Other than that, this is 
excellent news!

Recently I ran through a thorough 'health check' for all OSGeo projects, 
which I believe is lacking and should be done regularly.  I'll add this 
to my regular tasks ha :)

Thanks again for this great progress!


Jeff McKenna
President Emeritus, OSGeo Foundation

On 2017-04-03 6:09 AM, Astrid Emde wrote:
> Hello,
> we did not vote for new PSC (Project Steering Committee) members for a
> long time. Some people are not active in the project anymore.
> http://mapbender2.org/PSC
> It would be great to have actual developer & active people present in
> Mapbender PSC.
> I would like to make a motion.
> Axel Schaefer as Chair should be in the PSC too.
> Andriy Oblivantsev
> Andriy is very active in te Mapbender3 project. He is Mapbender3
> developer & architect, created the digitizer, adds many innovations to
> the project.
> https://github.com/eSlider
> David Patzke
> David is a Mapbender3 developer since several years. He worked on many
> parts of Mapbender f.e. on digitizer, routing & more.
> https://github.com/LazerTiberius
> Rolf Neuberger
> New in the project. Enthusiastic developer and new member of the
> Mapbender team.
> https://github.com/wg-rolf
> Please give your feedback.
> Astrid

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