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Sun Aug 25 04:59:27 PDT 2019


this link does not work on https://www.mapbender.org/?q=en/what-is-mapbender

*Version history of Mapbender

You will find the version history in the Mapbender documentation



btw: need this info to maintain the "OSM Software Watchlist", which
represents a compilation of many software products that are important in
OpenStreetMap environment. Mapbender will be added asap - if i can find
the release infos.

My projects:

Admin Boundaries of the World <https://wambachers-osm.website/boundaries>
Missing Boundaries
Emergency Map <https://wambachers-osm.website/emergency>
Postal Code Map (Germany only) <https://wambachers-osm.website/plz>
Fools (QA for zipcodes in Germany) <https://wambachers-osm.website/fools>
Postcode Boundaries of Germany <https://wambachers-osm.website/pcoundaries>
OSM Software Watchlist
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