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eric rasamoelina eric eerriicc8181 at gmail.com
Wed Feb 27 10:07:26 PST 2019

Dear Mapbender community

thank you very much!!

If i open the application in a browser i receive the following error:

Feature API query error.”<!DOCTYPE html>\n<html>\n <head>\n <meta
charset=\”UTF-8\” />\n <titel>An Error Occured: Internal Server
Error</titel>\n </head>\n <body>\n <h1>Oops! An Error Occurred</h1>\n
<h2>The server returned a \”500 Internal Server Error\”.</h2>\n\n <div>\n
Something is broken. Please let us know what you were doing when this error
occurred.\n We will fix it as soon as possible. Sorry for any inconvenience
caused.\n </div>\n </body>\n</html>\n”

Down below, there are the parameters.yml and config.yml. Do anybody know
how to solve these problems?

Thank you for your help and best regards,


I've this script


imports: - { resource: parameters.yml } - { resource: security.yml }
framework: #esi: ~ translator: { fallback: %fallback_locale% } secret:
%secret% router: resource: "%kernel.root_dir%/config/routing.yml"
strict_requirements: %kernel.debug% form: true csrf_protection: true
validation: { enable_annotations: true } templating: { engines: ['twig'] }
#assets_version: SomeVersionScheme default_locale: %locale% session:
cookie_httponly: true cookie_secure: %cookie_secure% cookie_lifetime:
%cookie_lifetime% # Twig Configuration twig: debug: %kernel.debug%
strict_variables: %kernel.debug% globals: fom: %fom% form: resources: -
'FOMCoreBundle:Form:fields.html.twig' # Assetic Configuration assetic:
debug: %kernel.debug% use_controller: true filters: cssrewrite: ~ sass: ~ #
Doctrine Configuration doctrine: dbal: default_connection: default
connections: default: driver: "%database_driver%" host: "%database_host%"
port: "%database_port%" dbname: "%database_name%" path: "%database_path%"
user: "%database_user%" password: "%database_password%" #persistent: true
(nodekomantena) charset: UTF8 logging: %kernel.debug% profiling:
%kernel.debug% #second database search_db: driver: "%database2_driver%"
host: "%database2_host%" port: "%database2_port%" dbname:
"%database2_name%" path: "%database2_path%" user: "%database2_user%"
password: "%database2_password%" charset: UTF8 logging: "%kernel.debug%"
profiling: "%kernel.debug%" orm: auto_generate_proxy_classes:
%kernel.debug% auto_mapping: true # Swiftmailer Configuration swiftmailer:
transport: %mailer_transport% host: %mailer_host% username: %mailer_user%
password: %mailer_password% spool: { type: memory } # FOM Manager
Configuration fom_manager: route_prefix: /manager # FOM User Configuration
fom_user: selfregister: false reset_password: true max_registration_time: 1
max_reset_time: 1 mail_from_address: wizard at oz.net mail_from_name: Wizard
of Oz profile_entity: FOM\UserBundle\Entity\BasicProfile profile_formtype:
FOM\UserBundle\Form\Type\BasicProfileType profile_template:
FOMUserBundle:User:basic_profile.html.twig self_registration_groups: - Self
Registered - Demo Group # Allow to create user log table on the fly if the
table doesn't exits. # Default: true auto_create_log_table: false # Time
between to check login tries login_check_log_time: "-5 minutes" # Login
attemps before delay starts login_attempts_before_delay: 3 # Login delay
after all attemps are failed login_delay_after_fail: 5 # Seconds # OWSProxy
Configuration ows_proxy3_core: logging: %ows_proxy3_logging%
obfuscate_client_ip: %ows_proxy3_obfuscate_client_ip% proxy: host:
%ows_proxy3_host% port: %ows_proxy3_port% connecttimeout:
%ows_proxy3_connecttimeout% timeout: %ows_proxy3_timeout% user:
%ows_proxy3_user% password: %ows_proxy3_password% checkssl: true noproxy:
%ows_proxy3_noproxy% # Mapbender Configuration mapbender_core: ~


parameters: # database-connection "default" database_driver: pdo_pgsql
database_host: localhost database_port: 5432 database_name: JDElectricite
database_path: ~ database_user: postgres database_password: post #
database-connection "search_db" database2_driver: pdo_pgsql database2_host:
localhost database2_port: 5432 database2_name: search_db database2_path: ~
database2_user: postgres database2_password: post

#database_driver: pdo_sqlite #database_host: ~ #database_port: ~
#database_name: ~ #database_path: %kernel.root_dir%/db/demo.sqlite
#database_user: ~ #database_password: ~ mailer_transport: smtp mailer_host:
localhost mailer_user: ~ mailer_password: ~ # locale en, de, it, es, ru,
nl, pt are available fallback_locale: en locale: en secret:
ThisTokenIsNotSoSecretChangeIt fom: server_name: Mapbender3 server_version: server_logo: bundles/mapbendercore/image/logo_mb3.png # framework :
cookie_secure: false cookie_lifetime: 3600 # OWSProxy Configuration
ows_proxy3_logging: false ows_proxy3_obfuscate_client_ip: true
ows_proxy3_host: ~ ows_proxy3_port: ~ ows_proxy3_connecttimeout: 60
ows_proxy3_timeout: 90 ows_proxy3_user: ~ ows_proxy3_password: ~
ows_proxy3_noproxy: ~
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