Pieter Deckers pieter.deckers at
Tue Dec 12 04:02:53 EST 2006


I'm a new MapBender user. I want to add interactivity to my application
using 'usemap'. I've added the elements 'usemap' and 'wz_jsgraphics' but now
I'm stuck because I don't find more documentation. I think I'll have to
modify the source code of \javascripts\mod_usemap.php (1) and
\php\mod_usemap.php (2). I think I have to change the url in (1) on line 21
and in (2) on line 29 in the url of the GML-file:

But if i do this it doesn't work. Am I doing the right modification or are
there other parameters I'll have to change to have a good imagemap?


Pieter Deckers

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