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Till Adams adams at terrestris.de
Tue Dec 12 04:16:55 EST 2006

Dear Pieter,

first of all set the frame "usemap" in your GUI for testing purposes 
just beside your mapframe to 200px width and 200px height and set it to 
"visible" (maybe set the frameborder to "1") using edit GUi elements -> 
usemap -> width|height|style

Reload your gui.

If everything is ok in the new frame there should appear the link 
includig your wfs request. Copy it and throw it into another browser 
window. Your wfs should deliver objects in there, like this:
− <gml:Box srsName="epsg:31466">
− <gml:coordinates>
2565184.180000,5713117.700000 2591738.550000,5734990.370000
− <gml:featureMember>
− <ms:sometext>
− <gml:boundedBy>
− <gml:Box srsName="epsg:31466">
− <gml:coordinates>
2586389.000000,5719736.000000 2586389.000000,5719736.000000
− <ms:msGeometry>
− <gml:Point srsName="epsg:31466">

If that is ok, you made a major step.

Then ensure ,that in your php/mod_usemap.php the item which carries the 
information for the highlight flag exists in your wfs (line +/- 22)

If your flags appear hide your usemap frame again and everything is fine.


Pieter Deckers schrieb:

>I'm a new MapBender user. I want to add interactivity to my application
>using 'usemap'. I've added the elements 'usemap' and 'wz_jsgraphics' but now
>I'm stuck because I don't find more documentation. I think I'll have to
>modify the source code of \javascripts\mod_usemap.php (1) and
>\php\mod_usemap.php (2). I think I have to change the url in (1) on line 21
>and in (2) on line 29 in the url of the GML-file:
>But if i do this it doesn't work. Am I doing the right modification or are
>there other parameters I'll have to change to have a good imagemap?
>Pieter Deckers
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