[Mapbender-users] OSGeo Migration, Mailing List, SVN, CMS

Arnulf Christl arnulf.christl at ccgis.de
Fri Dec 29 05:23:28 EST 2006

you do not have to do anything, this mail is intended for informational purposes only. 

== Mailing Lists ==
As you might have noticed the migration of the OSGeo development platform is in full progress. Due to this major technical move we have to take some changes into account. The new mailing list address is:

mapbender_users at lists.osgeo.org

Please do not use the old one (users at mapbender.osgeo.org) anymore, it still works but will be turned off at the end of January. 

== SVN Access ==
The code repository is also being moved - again - but this time only from one SVN to another. This will include that you have to change your access credentials. If you encounter any problems please let this list know or get someone from the dev team directly. 

We are sorry for any disruption caused by this move but it will enhance future operation for us a lot. 

== Homepage ==
The main homepage of Mapbender is going to stay at http://www.mapbender.org but we will have an additional presence at (in, on) the OSGeo CMS portal. This will give us new options with respect to maintaining tutorials and enhancing documentation as Drupal also includes a book functionality. If you are interested in joining efforts please let us (this list) know so that we can organize processes next year. 

Best regards, 

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