Mapbender 2.4 rc 1

Astrid Emde astrid.emde at
Fri Jun 9 09:48:54 EDT 2006

Hello list,

we want to present the new Mapbender 2.4 rc1. It's not available for 
download yet, but will be there in the next hours.

In the next week we want to release Mapbender Version 2.4. Therefore 
some hard testing has to be done.

We want to ask YOU, wether you could do this testing and send the bugs 
notices to the mailing list.

Install your own mapbender 2.4 rc1 or test the demo installation on

As the weekend is going to start now, we will give more informations on 


Thanks for your help

Astrid Emde


  Astrid Emde
  Siemensstraße 8
  53121 Bonn

   astrid.emde at

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