[Mapbender-users] IE vs. Firefox - map repaint with the space bar

Rogozia, Juergen Juergen.Rogozia at gkd-rso.de
Wed Jul 18 09:20:24 EDT 2007

Hallo list!

We are using mapbender 2.4.1 with some our own GUI, which is based on
the original GUI2. Everything works fine with firefox (like most of the
time) but with IE7 we discovered a strange event-behavior.

We are using our own AJAX-streetsearch form. It listens to events in a
form field and behaves like it should - with firefox. With the IE7 the
form does not work. The reason (I think) is, that the IE7 is listening
to a event which will do a repaint after pressing the space bar. Is
there a way to switch that off?

After I manually reload the AJAX-form everything works fine and for e.g.
pressing the spacebar while filling out the form has no repaint-effect.

Many thanks in advance


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