[Mapbender-users] IE vs. Firefox - map repaint with the space bar

Rogozia, Juergen Juergen.Rogozia at gkd-rso.de
Thu Jul 19 03:55:46 EDT 2007

Hi Uli!

Thank you! I invite you to a beer next time I see you in the "Pawlow" :-)
After I disabled the "keyHandler" for IE everything works fine. In GUI2 it is enabled by default (in mapbender 2.4.1).

Best wishes

Date: Wed, 18 Jul 2007 15:51:04 +0200
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Subject: Re: [Mapbender-users] IE vs. Firefox - map repaint with the
	space bar
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Hi Juergen,
maybe you have enabled a deprecated module called "keyHandler" for IE. Please 
check your gui-elements settings and disable/delete(!) this module.

Rogozia, Juergen schrieb:
> Hallo list!
> We are using mapbender 2.4.1 with some our own GUI, which is based on
> the original GUI2. Everything works fine with firefox (like most of the
> time) but with IE7 we discovered a strange event-behavior.
> We are using our own AJAX-streetsearch form. It listens to events in a
> form field and behaves like it should - with firefox. With the IE7 the
> form does not work. The reason (I think) is, that the IE7 is listening
> to a event which will do a repaint after pressing the space bar. Is
> there a way to switch that off?
> After I manually reload the AJAX-form everything works fine and for e.g.
> pressing the spacebar while filling out the form has no repaint-effect.
> Many thanks in advance
> Juergen
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