[Mapbender-users] Mapbender creates maps with epsg 4326 only

Tilo Wütherich tilo.wuetherich at la-bw.de
Fri Mar 23 08:45:26 EDT 2007

Dear mapbender-users,

I use mb 2.4.1 with geoserver 1.5.0-rc1. The default maps in geoserver come
with epsg 4326, my own with epsg 31467. When I upload the
capabilities-document, see the attachment, I have only the epsg 4326 as
choice in the WMS-GUI setup form. Even if I disable all layers with epsg
4326 in geoserver, I don't get epsg 31467 for choice. In the map all layers
are shown, but with the appropriate distortion :-(

My geoserver works well with udig and mapserver/maplab, so this is probably
a problem of mapbender?!

With best wishes,

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