[Mapbender-users] mapbender installation problem no login possible

Lucas Beck lucasbeck at gmx.ch
Mon May 7 08:35:42 EDT 2007


I just have a problem with the Installation of mapbender. I am a newcomer with all this, have only base knowledge with all this php-mapbender-postgres-linux etc... stuff. However:
I have an installation on ubuntu, apache2, php5, psql 8.1.9 including postgis and downloaded mapbender 2.4.1.

Well, initially I had some problems with access to my login homepage but with changing in pg_hba.conf the relevant things to "trust" everything in my "mapbender_setup.php" seems to be ok.
Now I have the problem, that if I want to login the first time with "root" and password "root" nothing happens than that a new frame http://.../mapbender/frames/login.php?name=root is opened with again the login screen.

I just was looking through my "login.php", I did "UPDATE mb_user SET mb_user_password=md5 ('password') WHERE mb_user_name='root';"

but still the problem remains...

What can I do now? 


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