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Astrid Emde (WhereGroup) astrid.emde at wheregroup.com
Mon Oct 15 04:15:25 EDT 2007

AmericanBwana schrieb:
> Good afternoon,
> I'm just getting started with mapbender, and am very impressed with its
> capabilities.
> I modified the gui2 GUI, removing the default WMS servers and adding
> Terraservice DRG and DOQQ's, as well as my own WMS Server (Extent covers
> Colorado)
> When I open the page, it is centered on Germany, with the Colorado data
> showing up on the overview map way to the left.
> How do I automatically center the page on Colorado when I open the page?
> Thanks

Mapbender takes the extent of the first WMS (index 0) as map extent and 
generate a map for the overview. It seams as if the germany WMS is still 
ain your gui and defines the extent.

Go to the administration (admin2_en - WMS GUI settings) and change the 
order of your WMS.

Another way to change the start extent of your gui is to open a gui with 
a link adding the parameter mb_myBBOX to the url.

Here is an example:

For more information have a look in the wiki at:


or at


Best regards

Astrid Emde


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