Antwort: [Mapbender-users] Problem emit WMS service of the LDS NRW

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Fri Sep 7 02:50:03 EDT 2007


I think that the service runs OK.

I tried it with MapInfo as  WMS - Client and works fine.


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[Mapbender-users] Problem emit WMS service of the LDS NRW

Hello list,

with the attempt WMS of services of the LDS
to load into the MapBender.

for example:

After a longer running time I receive the following error messages:


failed tons of open stream: Connection timed out in
/nas1/htdocs/mapbender223intra/http/classes/class_connector.php on LINE 49
Unable ton of open document:

The attention is probably the Connection timed out!

With me those are to be gotten warning activated around more information.
The MapBender runs in the Intranet of the city Gummersbach and is to
represent the maps for the internal official use with further
specialized's applications.

Do other problems similar of you have? If not, where my error lies, how I
eliminate it?

i.A. Ralf Eckert
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