[Mapbender-users] Problems with load WMC when using treeConfGDE

Roland Jehle r.jehle at ceit.at
Thu Sep 13 08:22:31 EDT 2007



I'm using the Module "treeConfGDE" with mod_treefolderClient.php  and
GUI2 with just 1 WMS (Demis World Map) in it.

When I load a previously saved WMC I always get the same error message:

"t has no properties" . The Tree is not working after this any more.

I tried to debug and found out in map.js the var
wmsInd=getWMSIndexById(fname,wms_id) is undefined after loading the WMC.

Actually the input variables (fname,wms_id) to this function are the
same like in the initialisation of the GUI..

If I set wmsInd=0 it works properly but I want to use it finally with
more than 1 WMS.

Hope somebody has an idea.



Thanks a lot!




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