[Mapbender-users] sel_area box hidden behind map images

Christoph Baudson (WhereGroup) christoph.baudson at wheregroup.com
Wed Sep 19 05:03:09 EDT 2007


as this seems to be a bug, would you please file a trac ticket and check 
in the modified file? This way I'm able to add this bug fix to MB 2.4.3.


Da es sich wohl um einen Fehler handelt, könntest Du bitte ein Trac 
Ticket eintragen und die modifizierte Datei einchecken? Dann kann es 
noch in MB 2.4.3 einfliessen.



Michael Schulz schrieb:
> Hi Marc,
> i was also looking through the different references on z-indexes and
> finally came to the conclusion that the crucial point seems to be the
> stacking context, that states that elements with z-indexes are stacked
> in a context, in a way that if  parent element has a z-index, and
> child elements have z-indexes, the children stay inside the stacking
> context and do not overlap with other stacking contexts. I then
> checked mod_map1.php and found, that the parent map div has no z_index
> defined, thus the map images inside it inherit the document stack
> context and hence collide with other z-indexes. Simply adding a
> z-index:2 at the map-div solved the problem. No other z-index had to
> be touched.
> I tried this first (changing only the z-indexes of the red lines), but
> uh, suddenly the measure module was affected, not good.

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