[Mapbender-users] SLD Editor writes not working SLD URLs

Roland Jehle r.jehle at ceit.at
Thu Sep 27 10:18:54 EDT 2007

Zers aus Ösi!


I have integrated the SLD Editor into Mapbender 242.

It seems that it works fine with the example WMS. I can edit the Layers SLD and save it.

I can also see the saved changes in the SLD in table sld_user_layer.

The SLD with URL (http://.........../sld/sld_function_handler.php?function=getusersld&layer_id=19009&user_id=1) which is at the end of the URL of the getMap-request seems to be right and gives the SLD-XML back when I insert it in the browser (e.g."Bundeslaender 1.000000 7000000.000000 #ffffff #2f4f4f admin_name   arial 2 0.5 0.5 #000000 Bundesländer 7000000.000000 80000000.000000 #000000 #2f4f4f admin_name   0.5 0.5 #000000") and the XML is in the source.

I can't find out what is the problem with my SLD-URL, but it doesn't work in connection with the getMap requests although it seems to be fine.














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