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Mon Apr 14 04:51:13 EDT 2008

Hey Arnulf,

i really want to know the philosophy of WCS to understand the advantages and possabilities of WCS.
As one application i assume a supervised /unsupervised classification on a rasterimage i.e. to find out about percentage of landuses (waterbodies, forest, agriculture...). 
gvSIG can only load WCS and give pointbased information concerning the RGB code (Value on x-y coordinate = 33). 
My hope is to apply algorythms to find all similar values (better ranges of values 22 to 44) an put them in one class together. Maybe then find out the area covered by this value/ class and set this in relation to 100%.
Theoretically possible by a "fat client"!??? But afaik not by gvSIG at present.
Does someone knows one free fat client providing such abilities?

Additionally what other abilities are assumed to use a WCS?
Can I set a  browserbased request like http://www.server/service/...?service=wcs&version=1.0.0&band=2&value=22-44    ?
If yes, what would I get? an image only with the points having this value or a xml/gml containing the x/y coordinates with the values 22 to 44?
If none of this I do not see big advantages to install a WCS, while WMS and WFS supports most needs of GIS applicators except of image classification.

But maybe some of this is nonsence, because my need will be only supported and realised by WPS (Web Processing Service) like presentet at FOSSGIS 2008.
Then my question is related to WPS, but with +/- the same objectives.

Best wishes,

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On Tue, April 8, 2008 15:45, Buchholz, Robert wrote:
> Hello List,
> this is a new member interested in WCS. I found a WCS example at gvSIG.
> URL:
> (Quickbird 2004, several images)
> I did test the Valencia-Sueca Layer- It works.
> Questions:
> -Does someone knows an application (maybe Mapbender) that is able to 
> support classification on that layer? -What other functionalities are 
> assumed to be supported by WCS?
> Thanks for any hints and ideas,
> Robert Buchholz

Hi Robert,
could sketch a business case for using WCS in Mapbender? I believe that you would probably rather use a fat client like gvSIG to further process the Coverage provided by a WCS but maybe I just don't get what it is that you want to do?!

Best regards,

Arnulf Christl

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