[Mapbender-users] Projection_Brandenburg_DB_MB_spatial_ref_sys

Michael Schulz mschulz at webgis.de
Fri Apr 25 04:35:13 EDT 2008

Hello Robert,

mapbender doesn't necessarily need to reside in a postgis enabled db,
so if the table "spatial_ref_sys" is missing, it means you did not
load the postgis extension into that database. I think at the moment,
mapbender only uses the geo functionality for measuring. At least
there is no reprojecting of services if they are not projected
correctly. So adding the spatial_ref_sys to the mapbender db won't

Which SRS are you using for the service? Correctly it should be 25832
or 33, but the offset indicates you should use the Brandenburg
specific SRS 325832 or 33. Are you trying to load a remote service or
is this your own data served as wms eg. from mapserver?

Cheers, Michael

2008/4/25 Buchholz, Robert <Robert.Buchholz at lua.brandenburg.de>:
> Hey List,
>  All my data are misdisplayed 3000000m east (Brandenburg-Germany). I have a "correction" projection file (sql-statement). This statement wants to insert into "spatial_ref_sys". But the postgis db "mapbender" (2.5 rc2) does not contain a table "spatial_ref_sys".
>  What can I do to present my data "correct"?
>  -Put the correction projection to the db of the data (contain table "spatial_ref_sys")?
>  -Change datamodel (add table "spatial_ref_sys" to db "mapbender)?
>  -Others?
>  Thanks for help,
>  Robert
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