AW: [Mapbender-users] Symbology-Problem

Karsten Vennemann karsten at TERRAGIS.NET
Wed Dec 10 14:37:18 EST 2008

hmm ok I'm still not 100% sure what you exactly want to do - but for me this
sounds you wanted to have the exact placement and angle of symbol
dynamically adjusted. If you can add an attribute to your features (a column
in PostGIS for example with the angle or such) you could use the MapServer
replacement variable to define an placement angle or even symbol. Compare
post : e.g for a different symbol based on the attribute: SYMBOL [icon] 
I guess  yo can try if that will work for ANGLE and OFFSET (not exactly sure
if it is implemented) though...
Another option is to use a second layer that you could create (a layer that
has features with the exact positions where you want to place the labels
etc..) and use that one to place your symbols instead...

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