[Mapbender-users] Neue Version - andere BBox

Arnulf Christl arnulf.christl at wheregroup.com
Fri Feb 1 10:44:26 EST 2008

Sascha Bahl wrote:
> Hello again!
> There is a bug in the module mod_dynamicOverview.php. I have copied the 
> gui2, remove all wms and add my own. For Example a map for RLP: 
> http://www.gdi-rp-dienste2.rlp.de/cgi-bin/mapserv4102.fcgi?map=/data/umn/navigation_atkis_ldi.map&REQUEST=GetCapabilities&SERVICE=WMS&VERSION=1.1.1 
> The requested parameters for bbox are wrong, but only in the version 
> 2.4.4. The difference between the version 2.4 and 2.4.4. is apparently 
> the module dynamicOverview, which is enable by default. If this module 
> is disabled, than the requested bbox parameter are right.
> Cu
> Sascha Bahl

did you get any answer? 

You must check the element_var value bbox of the dynamic overview map. You can specify which are the start parameters. 

Regards, Arnulf. 

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