[Mapbender-users] BBOX problem

Victor Moral vmoral at fundacionchile.cl
Thu May 8 17:14:53 EDT 2008

Hi there!
i'm working on my first deployment of mapbender over mapserver/postgis.
Everything works great and i'm getting a superb performance from mapbender.

The only problem i got is trying to set the initial BBOX for mapbender
after the login. I've tried everything that i found published about this
functionality, but i spend too much time without results.

This test deployment, based on the gui2 shipped example,  is running at :

I need MB to start "zoomed at" the "base" layer.

Any clues?

Thx !


Víctor Moral M.
Ingeniero de Proyectos
Area Medio Ambiente y Energía
Fundación Chile
Avda. Parque Antonio Rabat Sur 6165 - Vitacura
Tel: 56-2-2400648

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