[Mapbender-users] Mapbender 2.5 and digitizing: featureTypeArray is not defined, map.php (line 2702)

Christoph Baudson christoph.baudson at wheregroup.com
Tue Nov 4 03:56:08 EST 2008

Thanks for contacting us about this error.

I cannot reproduce this in my local environment.

Are you sure the WFS have been assigned to the application correctly? 
Maybe you updated Mapbender from an old version and sth went wrong. Go 
to application "admin_en_services", click "Assign WFS conf to GUI", and 
select the WFS from the WFS list and the application from the GUI list. 
below the GUI list you should then see a list of all available WFS in 
this application.

If you don't see the MyPoints featuretype in there, add it from the 
right list. Otherwise, you need to debug it using Firebug. Try setting a 
breakpoint in line

    var featureTypeArray = myconf['featuretype_name'].split(':')

and monitor the value of myconf.

In order to do this, you need to load the Mapbender application 
"gui_digitize", then open Firebug, change to the "Script" tab, then 
select "map.php" from them selector above. Then seach for 
"featureTypeArray" in the box on the right hand side. Once you have 
found the line mentioned above, please click on the left of the line and 
mark it with a red dot (= the breakpoint). Then digitize the point and 
try to save it. The script will stop at the breakpoint. You can now 
monitor the values of all variables in the box on the lower right.

You might also want to check http/php/mod_wfs.php, where myconf is 
defined. Check line 131. Maybe add this line

    new mb_notice("featuretype name:" . $row["featuretype_name"]);

below line 131.

If this doesn't help, maybe send me a link to your application.

btw, usage of the Mapbender issue tracker at


is generally a good idea when experiencing a bug. The developer list is 
informed instantly after you reported the issue. In order to use the bug 
tracker, please register here


Thanks, talk to you soon


vollbotz schrieb:
> hi list,
> i have the same problem with the digitizing modul...
> (i use the same infrastructure like matti silvennoinen )
> after digitizing - and selecting the wfs  >  i could not save
> - i got no mapbender error message / i got no ok message...
>> in the mapbender_error_log i got the entries:
> Notice: gui id not set
> Notice: mb_validateSession.php: gui_id not set in script
> mapbender/php/mod_tab_messages.php
> Notice: mb_validateSession.php: e_id not set in script
> mapbender/php/mod_tab_messages.php
> and - in the firefox error-console it got the same like Matti !!!
> featureTypeArray is not defined ...
> but on line (line 2879)
> hmm - the map.php has got only 145 lines....
> does anyone know what i (we)  have to do ??
> thanks !
> ================================================
> Matti Silvennoinen wrote:
>> Hi All,
>> I am trying to digitize objects (points and polygons) with MapBender 2.5 
>> through Geoserver 1.5.2 (WFS-T) to postgis database but I am getting this 
>> error when completed attribute form and clicked SAVE button:
>> Firefox
>> featureTypeArray is not defined
>> var featureNS=featureTypeArray[0];var str='<wfs:Transaction 
>> version="1.0.0" serv...
>> map.php (line 2702)
>> I got digitizing working with version 2.4.4 but now I try to use version 
>> 2.5. Even the example gui_digitize don't work (same error when trying to 
>> digitize "MyPoints"). The same example in version 2.4.4 works well. Do you 
>> get the same error with MB2.5 gui_digitize example and what is the 
>> solution?
>> Regards,
>> Matti Silvennoinen
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