[Mapbender-users] Questions for combining mod_log and overview

Schönhammer, Herbert Schoenhammer.Herbert at Regensburg.de
Thu Nov 13 10:42:13 EST 2008

Hi list,

I'm logging wms-requests with module mb_log.

I think mb_log should log the name of the module, which is requesting wms in attribute 'module' of table mb_log.

Using module 'overview'  the logged module name is 'default'.
Using module 'mapframe1'  the logged module name is 'default' too.

I think there should be own modulenames for 'mapframe' and 'overview' in the log file.

This is done by printing:
There are records with module-name 'printPDF' and 'printPDF_overview'.

How may I correct this behavior ?

Schoenhammer Herbert

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