[Mapbender-users] How to increase the mouse sensitive area for UseMap module

Astrid Emde astrid.emde at wheregroup.com
Thu Apr 16 07:37:57 EDT 2009

Albrecht GMX schrieb:
> Hi list,
> i'm using the UseMap module for highliting a point featureType when
> requesting a getFeatureInfo. I was recognizing this behaviour: The
> highlighting is activated within a radius about 5px around a marker.
> When clicking within this radius, an empty getFeatureInfo  resonse
> comes back. I get only a valid response when clicking within a  radius
> of 2 px around the marker. So you have to be very exact in hitting the
> marker. Can i enhance the radius where a click is recognized to belong
> to a neighboring marker (something like a snap-tolerance)?
> Best
> Albrecht
Hello Albert,

the problem is not obvious to me yet.

Is it a problem of the WFS or of your WMS?

WMS: If you user MapServer you can increase the the tolerace in the 
mapfile with the parameter TOLERANCE.

Is there a link to you gui to have a look at the problem?

Bestr regards astrid

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