[Mapbender-users] Re: MB 2.5: Problems with module perimeter and IE7

Thomas Baschetti Thomas.Baschetti at gmx.de
Tue Feb 3 11:31:56 EST 2009


Schönhammer schrieb:
 > Hi list,
 > So I want to repeat the question:
 > IE7 draws the perimeter behind the wms shown in the mapframe. If the wms
 > is not transparent, it is not possible to see the perimeter.
 > Has anybody an idea, how to correct this ?
 > regards
 > Herbert Schoenhammer

no real solution from my side:
IE sometimes has some problems regarding z-index, divs in divs and so 
on. Perhaps putting the styles into a class and assigning the class
to the div (id=perimeter) can help, but as i don't have a machine
with ie7 installed i can't test it.


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