[Mapbender-users] Problem with legend and wms

Robert Walter robert-walter at gmx.de
Thu Feb 5 08:26:14 EST 2009


I have a problem with the legend of a wms. The UMN Mapserver 5.0.3 is well configured an shows the legend graphic on a GetLegendGraphic request. But what do I have to do to show the legend graphics in MapBender?

The modul legend is included, the layers status is on and the getCapabilities request shows the correct URL for the GetLegendGraphic request but the iframe is empty.

Here some more infos:

INSERT INTO gui_element VALUES ('testgui', 'legend', 2, 1, 'legend', 'Legend', 'iframe', '../javascripts/mod_legend.php?sessionID&e_id_css=legend', 'frameborder=\\''0\\''', 1, 1, 1, 1, 3, 'visibility:hidden;', '', 'iframe', '', '', 'mapframe1', '', '');

MapBender version is 2.5.

Has anyone an idea?

Greetings Robert
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