[Mapbender-users] map and other GUI elements disappear

Balázs Bámer bamerbalazs at gmail.com
Mon Feb 9 04:59:14 EST 2009

Hi Christoph,

Here is the link:
user: mapbenderlist
pass: =]-[0p
click below the Mapbender logo to see the map and overview.

Modules turned on:
	back 	History.back()
	body 	body (obligatory)
	closePolygonExt 	close Polygon
	copyright 	a Copyright in the map
	dependentDiv 	displays infos in a sticky div-tag
	digitize 	Digitize tool.
	dragMapSize 	drag & drop Mapsize
	featureInfo1 	FeatureInfoRequest
	forward 	History.forward()
	gazetteerWFS 	a gazetteer for user in the mapbender user map
	help 	button help
	layout_back 	layout, background for buttons
	layout_featureInfo 	layout, background for FeatureInfo
	layout_help 	layout, background for Help-button
	layout_logout 	layout, background for Logout-button
	layout_metadata 	layout, background for Metadata
	layout_wms 	layout, background for wms
	layout_zoom 	layout, background for Zoom-button
	legend 	legend
	logo 	Logo
	logout 	Logout
	mapframe1 	frame for a map
	metadata 	shows informations about the wms and the requests of the gui
	navFrame 	navigation mapborder
	overview 	OverviewFrame
	pan1 	pan
	printPDF 	pdf print
	rubberExt 	deletes temporary (digitized) objects
	sandclock 	displays a sand clock while waiting for requests
	scaleSelect 	Scale-Selectbox
	selArea1 	zoombox
	setBBOX 	set extent for mapframe and overviewframe
	setSpatialRequest 	Spatial Request
	showCoords_div 	displays coodinates by onmouseover
	showLoggedUser 	Displays current user
	tabs 	vertical tabs to handle iframes
	wfs 	wfs request and result handling
	wfs_conf 	get all wfs_conf-params
	wfsresult 	display the list of wfs results
	WMS_preferences 	configures the preferences of each loaded wms
	zoomFull 	zoom to full extent button
	zoomIn1 	zoomIn button
	zoomOut1 	zoomOut button

best regards: Balázs

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