[Mapbender-users] map and other GUI elements disappear

Christoph Baudson christoph.baudson at wheregroup.com
Mon Feb 9 05:50:20 EST 2009

Hi Balázs,

I guess the problem is that you are using the "tabs" element, and have 
added elements to the tab structure that are not part of your application.

You should edit the element vars of tabs (in your administration 
interface, click "edit GUI elements", click the link called tabs), and 
check the existing variables. There is an array of variables with names 
ending with "_id". Check, whether the elements listed there are also 
part of your application. You should remove all variables with this 
index, and move the remaining values up.

Removing items from tabs is a bit painful at the moment, please 
apologize the inconvenience.

If you have further questions, please contact us again.


Balázs Bámer schrieb:
> Hi Christoph,
> Here is the link:
> http://att-it.homelinux.net:22080/mapbender/
> user: mapbenderlist
> pass: =]-[0p
> click below the Mapbender logo to see the map and overview.
> Modules turned on:
> 	back 	History.back()
> 	body 	body (obligatory)
> 	closePolygonExt 	close Polygon
> 	copyright 	a Copyright in the map
> 	dependentDiv 	displays infos in a sticky div-tag
> 	digitize 	Digitize tool.
> 	dragMapSize 	drag & drop Mapsize
> 	featureInfo1 	FeatureInfoRequest
> 	forward 	History.forward()
> 	gazetteerWFS 	a gazetteer for user in the mapbender user map
> 	help 	button help
> 	layout_back 	layout, background for buttons
> 	layout_featureInfo 	layout, background for FeatureInfo
> 	layout_help 	layout, background for Help-button
> 	layout_logout 	layout, background for Logout-button
> 	layout_metadata 	layout, background for Metadata
> 	layout_wms 	layout, background for wms
> 	layout_zoom 	layout, background for Zoom-button
> 	legend 	legend
> 	logo 	Logo
> 	logout 	Logout
> 	mapframe1 	frame for a map
> 	metadata 	shows informations about the wms and the requests of the gui
> 	navFrame 	navigation mapborder
> 	overview 	OverviewFrame
> 	pan1 	pan
> 	printPDF 	pdf print
> 	rubberExt 	deletes temporary (digitized) objects
> 	sandclock 	displays a sand clock while waiting for requests
> 	scaleSelect 	Scale-Selectbox
> 	selArea1 	zoombox
> 	setBBOX 	set extent for mapframe and overviewframe
> 	setSpatialRequest 	Spatial Request
> 	showCoords_div 	displays coodinates by onmouseover
> 	showLoggedUser 	Displays current user
> 	tabs 	vertical tabs to handle iframes
> 	wfs 	wfs request and result handling
> 	wfs_conf 	get all wfs_conf-params
> 	wfsresult 	display the list of wfs results
> 	WMS_preferences 	configures the preferences of each loaded wms
> 	zoomFull 	zoom to full extent button
> 	zoomIn1 	zoomIn button
> 	zoomOut1 	zoomOut button
> best regards: Balázs
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