[Mapbender-users] Getting info on layer status, selected or not?

Kesting, Arne Arne.Kesting at velbert.de
Thu Feb 19 07:54:15 EST 2009


this is the problem:
I want to adjust the pdf print output according to the layer which is
currently selected.
Here is a small example. 
If layer A is selected i want to write text1 into the mapframe (pdf
output) an if layer B is selected,
please write text2 into the mapframe.
How can i get the status or info of a specific layer? Is it selected(on)
or not (off)?
Everything should be implemented into an already user-defined
mod_printPDF_pdf.php file.

I don't know how to access the above mentioned information about the
Thanks for any help on this topic.

best regards
Arne Kesting

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