[Mapbender-users] Re: How to get mb_myBBOX to work

Albrecht Weiser AWeiser at gmx.de
Wed Feb 25 05:47:59 EST 2009

> Albrecht Weiser schrieb:
> > Hi mapbender list,
> > i wanted to start my mapbender gui with an initial extent. I was reading
> to use "setBBOX". So i went to the GUI element administration and turned
> setBBOX on. I set the element ON/OFF to "1" to activate it. Then i tried to
> set the parameter "mb_myBBOX=", but which element i have to use? I tried
> the Attributes, Content, Requires, URL and SRC element in the GUI elements
> administration. i tried with "&setBBOX=" and with "setBBOX". I tried with
> native SRS-coordinates (Gauss-Krüger) and with WGS84. Nothing worked. Could
> somebody please tell me, how to fix that?
> > Thanks
> > Albrecht
> >   
> Hello Albrecht,
> have a look at the wiki-documentation
> http://www.mapbender.org/SetBBOX
> Here is an example
> http://wms1.ccgis.de/mapbender2/frames/login.php?name=ccgis_de&password=ccgis_de&mb_user_myGui=MiddleAmerica&mb_myBBOX=-102.92,11.56,-86.37,25.07
> Best regards Astrid

Hi Astrid,
i know this site about Mb myBBOX and the example too. But for a newbie like me it's not clear, where to apply the parameter &mb_myBBOX. 
I tried again in the admin-gui "edit elements" to setup the modul "mod_setBBOX1.php" (div-id "setBBOX"). I was considering the element "URL" the most fitting for this issue. So i copied the URL of the gui "http://mapbender.telascience.org/mapbender_2.5/frames/index.php?&gui_id=Albrecht%20Weiser_gui1" there and added the parameter "&mb_myBBOX=342800,552990,3441400,5535600". The element ON/OFF is set to one, then saved the settings and showed the gui. But i still got no initial zoom to my coordinates. So what may be wrong? 
I attached two screenshots with my settings.
Best regards

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