[Mapbender-users] Mapbender recognizes wrong SRS of my geoserver-WMS

Albrecht Weiser AWeiser at gmx.de
Wed Feb 25 06:27:05 EST 2009

Hi mapbender list,
today i post a strange behaviour of my mapbender. I wanted to add a geoserver WMS to my mapbender WMS-URL's. When creating a separate gui from that, the initial SRS of the gui is epsg:4326. When i want to change to the native SRS of the WMS (which is epsg:31467), the gui says "undefined". But that's not true, because the only SRS defined in this WMS is epsg:31467. That's a problem, because i want to overlay a WMS with a topo-map from remote and thats in epsg:31467 too. If i want to load both layers, i get an error: all layers must be in the same SRS. 
But when i test the WMS with the test-mapbender from http://mapbender.telascience.org, then the service is being correctly bound as epsg:31467 (i can also switch to 4326 or 31466 even though these SRS aren't defined in my WMS - weird thing!).
It means, my mapbender-settings are faulty somewhere.
Does somebody have an idea where to search?
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