[Mapbender-users] .TIF files as a basemap?

"Jäger, Frank (KRZ)" F.Jaeger at KRZ.DE
Thu Jan 29 03:31:13 EST 2009

Hi Milan,
Mapbender is a client for a service called WMS (Web Map Service).
Your have to get a WMS from your TIF-Files at first.
This is a job for tools like UMN-Mapserver or Geoserver.
After setting up this WMS you can show it in Mapbender-Client.
Do you habe 50 "independent" Tif-Files or are they sorted as tiles (like the wall in your bathroom)?
Organize these tiles using tileindex-function from GDAL and you will get much better performance then merging it to one big tif.
Also have a look on gdaladdo-function to include a smaller "overview"-map-version in every tif-file. 
In smaller scale the WMS-Server has only to read the head of the tif-Files.
> or do i have to use a shapefile?
You cant get shape from tif.
tif is raster-data, shape is vector-Data.
But the tile-index, organizing the tiles, looks like shape (.shp, .shx).


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	hi all,
	first of all i'm still a newbie and this is my first time using mapbender so i still need alot of advices from the experts. Ok, right now i'm building a simple web gis for my project but I only have 50 .TIF images as my map. My question is, is it possible to use .TIF files as a basemap or do i have to use a shapefile? If it is possible then, how can i merge all the 50 TIF files into a single TIF file so that will be easier to manage. Thanks for your help.
	Forza Milan,

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