[Mapbender-users] WFS-search and WFS 1.1.0

Kai Behncke Kai-Behncke at gmx.de
Wed Jun 17 08:20:28 EDT 2009

Dear users,

I wonder what I can do to get to run the module gazetteerWFS on Mapbender 2.5 with MapServer 5.2.

It doesn`t semm to work with WFS 1.1.0 that is delivered by MapServer 5.2 per default?

Is there any possibility to say MapServer-WFS-Server that it should be delivered as WFS 1.0.0 
(I didn`t found anything in the documentation) or a workaround?

I tested modusemap and WFS as well, with an entry in ....http/javascripts/mod_usemap.php like

.....wfs_server.map&REQUEST=getFeature&VERSION=1.0.0&SERVICE=WFS..... everything is fine,

with ......&VERSION=1.1.0 some problems occur, so I think the reason of the errors in gazetterWFS must 
be created by that WFS-Version??

Thank you very much in advance, Kai
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