[Mapbender-users] Re: Re: Re: Mouse highliting when passing over a feature? (Albrecht Weiser)

Albrecht GMX aweiser at gmx.de
Mon Mar 9 05:39:03 EDT 2009

Hi Michael,
to add an element with sql i already found too. It's easy to go to the relating mapbender-site to copy the sql-statement and then add it to gui_element with the according gui-name.
The other way to do it directly in the admin-gui ist new to me.
Thanks again & bye

> to add a single gui element from one gui to another, just go to the
> gui where the element should be added. then choose the gui where the
> element already exists from the drop-down list (over the list of
> elements). then the background of the elements list is changed to
> grey, this means you now actually see the lists of elements not of the
> current edit gui. just select the element you want to copy with a
> click on the radio button (the element is loaded as normally, i.e. the
> gui element form is filled with values). now all you have to do is hit
> the save button. It saves the element in the current edit gui, not the
> one you chose from the drop-down list.

> another solution is to hit button "sql", copy the sql, change all
> occurrences of the gui_id to the gui_id you want to element to be
> copied to and then paste this sql in your favorite sql client, that is
> connected to the mapbender db, phppgadmin or pgadmin III.

> Cheers, Michael

> 2009/3/7 Albrecht GMX <aweiser at gmx.de>:
>> (the previous message was with html, i'm afraid. Therefore again now as text...)

>> Hi Michael,
>> great! It works very good. It's indeed a little tricky and there are several screws to turn. But here's a trap: I was first reading the german
>> translation  hence it didn't work. Only the english text includes all necessary steps.
>> But now i have another Problem (maybe a tiny one): I just want to add this single element "usemap" to my current gui. But when i'm at the page "edit
>> gui elements" i have just the possibility to add all elements of a template-gui and not a single element. Maybe with the button "SQL" i thought to
>> directly add this element. But when hitting the button, a single web-page appears with a naked textfield - nothing else. I can insert the sql, but
>> there's a submit-button or something else missing. Any Idea?
>> Best regards
>> Albrecht

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