[Mapbender-users] Re: Mouse highliting when passing over a feature? (Albrecht Weiser)

Michael Schulz mschulz at webgis.de
Sun Mar 8 07:42:06 EDT 2009

Hi Albrecht,

to add a single gui element from one gui to another, just go to the
gui where the element should be added. then choose the gui where the
element already exists from the drop-down list (over the list of
elements). then the background of the elements list is changed to
grey, this means you now actually see the lists of elements not of the
current edit gui. just select the element you want to copy with a
click on the radio button (the element is loaded as normally, i.e. the
gui element form is filled with values). now all you have to do is hit
the save button. It saves the element in the current edit gui, not the
one you chose from the drop-down list.

another solution is to hit button "sql", copy the sql, change all
occurrences of the gui_id to the gui_id you want to element to be
copied to and then paste this sql in your favorite sql client, that is
connected to the mapbender db, phppgadmin or pgadmin III.

Cheers, Michael

2009/3/7 Albrecht GMX <aweiser at gmx.de>:
> (the previous message was with html, i'm afraid. Therefore again now as text...)
> Hi Michael,
> great! It works very good. It's indeed a little tricky and there are several screws to turn. But here's a trap: I was first reading the german translation  hence it didn't work. Only the english text includes all necessary steps.
> But now i have another Problem (maybe a tiny one): I just want to add this single element "usemap" to my current gui. But when i'm at the page "edit gui elements" i have just the possibility to add all elements of a template-gui and not a single element. Maybe with the button "SQL" i thought to directly add this element. But when hitting the button, a single web-page appears with a naked textfield - nothing else. I can insert the sql, but there's a submit-button or something else missing. Any Idea?
> Best regards
> Albrecht
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